Bonzai Compilation - Chapter One - 2CD Digipack


Bonzai Compilation – Chapter One – 2CD Digipack


Bonzai Compilation – Chapter One was our very first curation from 1993. In a pioneering move, the original Chapter One would become the very first CD compilation to bring the sound of the Belgian underground outside of the club and into your everyday life. In less than one year, Bonzai Records had stamped its mark on the scene and, laden with tracks, the logical thing to do was to get those tracks into the hands of dedicated ravers across Belgium, Europe and the world.Chapter One marked the beginning of a string of compilations which featured full-length cuts from a burgeoning catalogue. Originally with 14 tracks including … Animals, Short Circuit, Soushkin, Plasma, El Punto Final, Fantasy, E-Mission and more found their way to the CD, but for this special edition we’ve added much more.We have remastered & repackaged this compilation in a special edition 2CD digipack, including all of the original tracks as well as a bonus CD, filled with tracks that didn’t quite make it to the original tracklist and some of which have never been released on CD before.2 bonus tracks are included on CD1, the real original mix of Batteries Not Included – Sleepless, on the 1993 CD, the “Live Mix” was included due to a clerical error. The second bonus track is from Mooneyes with Forgotten, originally only released on 12” and now exclusively on CD, listen hard to this one.CD2 contains 15 tracks, most of which just missed the cut for the original compilation. Mostly B-sides, some went on to appear in other titles down the years. Guess Who?, The Bountyhunter, Belgium Rave, Reality, Rediscovert, Black Hole, Strange Food, Good Morning, In A Trance and Bonus Flight among others, are some of the tracks we’ve dug out of the archives, remastered and ready for action once more.Enjoy this special remastered & repackaged edition of Bonzai Compilation – Chapter One.

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CD 1:

01 Yves Deruyter – … Animals (Remastered Remix) 04’18″
02 DJ Bountyhunter – Short Circuit (Remastered Original Mix) 3’15″
03 Dream Your Dream – Soushkin (Remastered Original Mix) 06’28″
04 3 XXX – Plasma (Remastered Original Mix) 11’18″
05 Introspective – Land Of The Rising Sun (Remastered Eastern Mix) 3’43″
06 X-Change – Ready To Rock (Remastered Original Mix) 04’21″
07 Final Analyzis – El Punto Final (Remastered Power Mix) 04’35″
08 C.N.F. – Go Piano! (Remastered Original Mix) 04’14″
09 Brainwasher – L’Ange Gabriel (Remastered E-Mix) 06’44″
10 Mooneyes – Twilight Creatures (Remastered Original Mix) 06’20″
11 Phrenetic System – Fantasy (Remastered Original Mix) 03’57″
12 Deep Atmosfear – About Christine (Remastered Original Mix) 04’56″
13 Stockhousen – E-Mission (Remastered Original Mix) 06’13″
14 Batteries Not Included – Sleepless (Remastered Original Mix) 03’48″
15 Mooneyes – Forgotten (Silent Track)

CD 2:

01 Yves Deruyter – Guess Who? (Remastered Original Mix) 05’34″
02 DJ Bountyhunter – The Bountyhunter (Remastered Original Mix) 05’14″
03 Dream Your Dream – Belgium Rave (Remastered Original Mix) 04’06″
04 X-Change – Let’s Go (Remastered Original Mix) 04’28″
05 Phrenetic System – Reality (Remastered Original Mix) 06’50″
06 Deep Atmosfear – Rediscovert (Remastered Original Mix) 05’37″
07 Earth Odyssee – Black Hole (Remastered Original Mix) 04’59″
08 Phrenetic System – The Sequal (Remastered Original Mix) 05’29″
09 Dreamland – Excalibur (Remastered Original Mix) 06’10″
10 Strange Food – Strange Food (Remastered No Vocal Mix) 06’05” °
11 Bam Bam – Good Morning (Remastered Original Mix) 04’59″
12 Belgica Wave – Filler (Remastered Original Mix) 05’23″
13 Traxcalibur – Believe To Receive (Remastered Original Mix) 06’14″
14 X-Change – In A Trance (Remastered Original Mix) 04’17″
15 Kosmik – Bonus Flight (Remastered Original Mix) 02’24″

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Bonzai Compilation - Chapter One - 2CD Digipack


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