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From its humble beginnings in 1992, Bonzai has become a leading, instantly recognisable brand in the electronic music scene. Responsible for shaping the sound of an era, with world class artists, producers and DJ’s, Bonzai was built with grit and determination, along with passion and vision by a small team of dedicated, like-minded people. Thousands of music releases across several labels reached far and wide, stamped with the iconic Bonzai Records logo and seal of approval. Bonzai also kickstarted merchandising in the early Rave scene, tees, hoodies, caps, jackets, stickers, flags and other accessories were hot property back in the day, and now, in 2022 (Bonzai’s 30th year) that revolution is happening all over again, with fresh, new apparel based on original designs, exclusives, limited editions and simply, good music. We welcome you to the Bonzai Store.

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