Bonzai All Stars - X Ta Cee


Bonzai All Stars – X Ta Cee


Release Date – December 2, 2022

Our next adventures on Bonzai Records 12-inch vinyl sees Belgian DJ and studio duo, Bonzai All Stars unleash their banging new track titled, X Ta Cee, which features three fine remixes covering a range of styles. Christian Pieters and Dany Van Der Reiten are the brains behind this project and they continue to impress with every release. With more than three decades in electronic dance music under their belts, they have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience, which manifests in their solid production methods. When they’re not in the studio, they can be found behind the decks at parties and festivals all over Europe, raising the roof with their blistering tracks and on-stage antics.

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In the A1 slot, the Original Mix intros with a pounding kick drum and hypnotic vocal leading the way. Wailing sirens fade up alongside scathing acid lines as bright, crispy hats cut through the bassy tones. The filters open and close on the 303 patterns, creating chaotic scenes in the groove before a huge climax takes us to the final act. The next interpretation comes from the mighty Jones & Stephenson who take up the A2 slot, staying true to their explosive sound we know and love. The track intros with metallic percussions and a slowly fading in vocal. Chest pounding kick drums and an instantly recognisable vox stab come through, teasing us with an impending melody that doesn’t materialise. Scathing acid lines converge, driving the groove to a darker world, sending the dancefloor into a frenzy. A must have, no doubt.

On the flip, the legendary Yves Deruyter’s remix resides in the B1 position. Yves is responsible for countless mega hits over his 30 plus years as an artist, and here, he raises the energy levels with a monster effort. On the intro, huge arena style kicks are joined by slicing hats as tension builds with gnarly synth stabs and that infectious siren sound. Bubbling 303 lines take the groove to critical mass, becoming acerbic as the knobs are tweaked resulting in a top-notch cut that will destroy the dancefloor. Manu Riga & Phi Phi take the B2 slot, rounding out the release with a solid effort. A hugely successful studio partnership has seen these guys churn out outstanding tracks over the last number of years and they are not stopping just yet. Here, they make their mark with a fine, progressive inspired groove. Tight beats and sharp hats are joined by acid stabs and a rumbling bassline. Soft arps contrast with sweeping 303 riffs as the vocal is scattered throughout. The break reveals a darker side with gritty basses dominating before the main groove returns for the duration.

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Bonzai All Stars - X Ta Cee


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