Airwave - Classical Reworks - CD (Bonzai Classics)


Airwave – Classical Reworks – CD (Bonzai Classics)


“We’re super excited and immensely proud to be showcasing the wonderful talents of Laurent Véronnez and his two decades worth of Airwave classics,transformed into beautifully crafted Classical Reworks. From the very first opening chords of Save me to the heart warming melodies of When Things GoWrong, we become fully immersed in the beauty and emotion of a man who holds nothing back when it comes to creating music. Listen as Save Me, Ladyblue, Alone In The Dark, Cathedrals Of Hope, Sunspot, Lightspeed, Innerspace, Angelica and When Things Go Wrong are rearranged into rich,dynamic and warm compositions, given new life as classical masterpieces. We are also delighted to present a brand new track titled Soleil D’Hiver which is where Laurent unleashes his true inner self, relishing in a wondrous, elevating composition filled with crystalised melodies and serene atmospherics. Raw talent, desire and dedication, these are the traits that draw us into his world and he never, ever disappoints. Sit back, dim the lights, pour a drink and allow your body to relax to the soothing, melting sounds of Airwave’s Classical Reworks.

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01 Save Me (Airwave’s Classical Rework)
02 Ladyblue (Airwave’s Classical Rework)
03 Alone In The Dark (Airwave’s Classical Rework)
04 Cathedrals Of Hope (Airwave’s Classical Rework)
05 Sunspot (Airwave’s Classical Rework)
06 Lightspeed (Airwave’s Classical Rework)
07 Innerspace (Airwave’s Classical Rework)
08 Angelica (Airwave’s Classical Rework)
09 When Things Go Wrong (Airwave’s Classical Rework)
10 Soleil D’Hiver (Original Mix) *

* = new unreleased track”

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Airwave - Classical Reworks - CD (Bonzai Classics)


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